The lost look of a girl


The lost look of a girl. A girl has been recruited for a large sum of money to star in hardcore videos, she is unaware of what is about to happen to her, now she is still smiling and pleased with the excitement she feels about taking the cock down her throat, for all that money.

Maybe he thinks it was easy having him do so little. At first she laughs amused and praises herself for her skill. But once she is stripped naked, things start to get complicated, she is very good at sucking cock and you can see that she is committed and likes to do it at first, she swallows it all and thinks it’s not that big… More the blowjob continues and the rougher the man becomes, she doesn’t have time to breathe.. Her only task is to lick the man’s member relentlessly in any position. Even in positions with no way out.

The lost look of a girl

Those where you can’t move your head back to catch your breath. And it happens when her head is against the wall or her neck is blocked by the man’s cock. The facefucks and sloppygags happen non-stop. The deepthroats pulling her hair are intense and we end up with the girl who has lost her smile…and the innocence that will never return….

Date: January 2, 2024
Actors: Anna Gold

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